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If you are curious about how your past impacts you and want to end the cycle of self-doubt, people-pleasing and overthinking, I can help. 


I specialize in providing individual therapy for adults. I love working with those who have tried other forms of therapy or support in the past, but still feel like there is something more to heal. I offer a combination of traditional talk-therapy and somatic-based modalities, creating a more holistic experience. 

Working with me is a journey of empowerment. Together we will work to peel back the layers as you find who you are. The word authenticity can cause confusion; we don't always know what that means or how to find it. I believe we can be authentic in many ways and the true key is self-compassion. This work is hard; I know that. I also know you can do it and I am here to support you. 


There are a few different types of trauma. My focus is on treating relational and developmental trauma, both originating in childhood and often stemming from inconsistencies from adult caregivers. Identifying values and boundaries and reducing codependency and unhelpful core beliefs (ex: I am responsible for the feelings of others) is often important in this process. 


Adult Children of Alcoholics/ Dysfunctional Families or "ACA" is a term coined to describe the characteristics or traits a child develops to cope with a parent(s) with a substance use disorder and/or other 'dysfunction' within the household. These traits, while no longer helpful, often remain with the child into adulthood. My goal is to help you understand this dynamic and release the inner-child wounding that took place. 


Somatic Psychotherapy is an approach that engages the body in the therapeutic process. This can be done by tracking sensations, feelings and emotions in our body. By utilizing awareness, breath, and movement our bodies can release tension and regulate our nervous system. 


Ego-States work is a parts-based approach rooted in psychodynamic theory. Through trauma and other life events, various parts of ourselves develop coping strategies for survival and often get "stuck." A part-work approach assists in helping that part get its developmental needs met. I am specifically trained in providing Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy. Another popular parts-work approach is called Internal Family Systems. 

Office at 1324 Lake Dr. Suite 4 Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Chronic pain or 'neuroplastic' pain can be the physical way our body tells us it needs something emotionally. However, when we fear the pain or sensation, our brain begins to interpret the sensation as dangerous creating an often sufferable cycle. When we learn not to fear the pain or sensation we create an opportunity to effectively release the emotions or meet the needs of our body, often relieving us of the discomfort. We can then see these messages as helpful rather than harmful. 


"Rachel constantly amazes me with her knowledge and her approach. She is gentle, but challenging, and brings so much insight to every discussion. I can't recommend her enough!"

-C.S. (peer)


"Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. She has such a calming presence and listens with intention. Her feedback is warm, helpful and direct. She creates such a supportive and healing space for her clients!"

-G.R. (colleague)



I accept the following insurances: 

  • BCBS

  • BCN

  • Aetna

  • Priority Health


Private pay rate is $125; sliding scale is available upon agreement

Services are conducted both in-person and via telehealth in Michigan and via telehealth in South Carolina.

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1324 Lake De SE Suite #4

Grand Rapids, MI 49506


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